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Google Now

Android Design, 2012-2013

Answers before you ask, and new ways to ask them when you do. Google Now brings together search, voice and new predictive answers; redefining the experience of Google's core business.

Folding Table


A colourful collection of shelves and cubby holes are contained within a sealed cabinet as a home office is quickly turned into a guest bedroom.

Christmas Androids Thumbnail

Christmas Androids

Android Design, Google, 2012

A hidden gift within a gift. Festive droids to hang on the tree, each with an NFC tag inside that links to some seasonal musical phone fun.

ICS Camera Gallery Thumbnail

Android Camera and Gallery

Android Design, Google, 2011

A major update to 2 of the most used mobile applications for the Ice Cream Sandwich release with exciting new ways to capture, edit and share photographs and videos.

INQ Thumbnail

INQ Cloud Range

London, 2010-2011

A small London based device manufacturer bringing their own flavour of social network integration to a range of Android phones. My design work was central in realising the user experience strategy for the range, and became the UI poster model for marketing campaigns.

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From the future of touch interfaces to information services for people in rural India, my work at Nokia spanned the breadth of its product and service portfolio.

Tourist Information

Royal College of Art, 2005

The millions of digital cameras and camera-phones carried by tourists in London each year possess an unexpected and magical ability. They can see beyond the visible spectrum and into infrared, revealing hidden tourist attractions.

Invisible Decorations

Royal College of Art, 2004

On a dark hillside overlooking Coniston Water an invisible display of Christmas lights shine on the valley below. This hidden broadcast is visible only through technology that can reveal these infrared illuminations.

Serpentine Thumbnail

Towards The Serpentine

Royal College of Art, 2004

Exploring the pathways around, within and above the park. These ideas lead people towards the Serpentine Gallery, from near and far.

Jetsam Thumbnail


Intel Research, Berkeley, 2004

How might emerging technologies play alternative roles in our experiences of public urban space? This research project focuses on the theme of trash and its interrelationship to the city; from global economics to the fragmented story it tells of people, place and time.

Magicmobile Thumbnail


Royal College of Art, 2004

A toy car that turns boxes and books lying around at home into towering buildings and trees in bloom, shadows become night and a cold garden becomes the frostbitten Antarctic. The Magicmobile transforms the conditions surrounding a child during play, creating a window into a tiny parallel world.

Audio Shaker

Royal College of Art, 2004

How might we re-imagine the physical form of sound? What if it had a tangible form and weight, if it became a liquid that could be captured, shaken up and pour out again?

Nook Thumbnail


Glasgow School of Art, 2001

Blurring the boundaries between design for public space and product design. Nook is a single surface modular urinal, or simply a corner to pee in.

Flight Thumbnail


Glasgow School of Art, 2001

Reinventing darts as a fast, active and adaptive game, that brings it to a new audience via a new business model.

Beamo Thumbnail


Glasgow School of Art, 2000

Children love the teleporting qualities of communicating via 'walkie-talkies'. Beamo expands on this, encouraging children to record, create and share their games and stories in person and from afar.