Folding Table


I designed and built this folding table to allow a small room to be transformed quickly, from study into guest bedroom. Papers, sketchpads, envelopes, pens and other gubbins are tucked away in a series of colourful cubby holes within a fitted cabinet on the wall. The tabletop folds down to form a sealed box.

Table and Chair Table
Table Closed

The table folds in to make room for a sofa bed that folds out in it’s place. The table legs are on quick release fittings, uncoupling easily to fold the table up and down.

Housing Cables

Cables can be routed behind the back panel of the cabinet, keeping them tidy when the table is both open or folded up.

Colours Inside Table Details


Table Sketch

Early sketch of the table in-situ

Marking Out Cubby Holes

Marking out the cubby holes

Spray Painting

Makeshift spray booth

Constructing the Cabinet

Constructing the cabinet

Almost Done

Ready to be lacquered

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